Full Service Property Management includes:

1. Rent collection each month with online statements and disbursement by the 10th. 
2. Vendor management for any repairs needed to the property. 
3. If a new renter is needed, we will market the property and find a qualified tenant based on the agreed upon approval requirements. We also perform a thorough pricing analysis to market the property at the correct price.  
4. Yearly physical inspection of the property that includes pictures for both the interior and exterior of the home. 
5. At a minimum, an additional quarterly exterior inspection. 
6. If property is located within an HOA, we will ensure the renter is following all by-laws of the HOA.

1. Management Fee – 10% of the rent each month
2. Late Fees – Any late fees collected stay with Maverick Properties
3. Multiple Properties Under Management – 3 or more properties are charged only $100.00 per month per property. 

If you have any questions, please contact Zac anytime.